Burzynski Movie: Cancer is a Serious Business

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    Watched the clip, one thing that doesnt make sense to me is this. If this Dr. Burzynski's treatment works so well and the only thing thats standing between him and FDA approval is the fact that he deosnt have the kind of money big Pharma companies have, why wouldnt the guy simply license his treatment to a big pharma company, and let them do the work in getting it FDA approved, and he can get a cut of any of the profits from the drug.

    Something about this movie does not add up, both Burzynski, and the Pharma companies would become fantastically rich if they worked together on a project which did infact work better than Chemo with no side effects.

    Big pharma companies will never EVER be interested in ANY cancer treatment which works.

    Because the long term result will be... no people with cancer on planet Earth. ever. Succesful treatments will uncover the real causes of cancer and people will simple avoid things which trigger cancer.

    All that means NO MORE MONEY going to cancer industry.
  3. how costly is black pepper combined with turmeric?
    few grapefruits?

    ginseng, ashwagandha - a bit more expensive, but still 100 to 1000x cheaper than "modern" medicine.

    this stuff works. chemo and radiation? KILL. Always.

  4. Yeah sure. And everything about the modern cancer business adds up perfectly. They force patients to expensive treatments repeating for decades on TV and other media that its the only way. People PAY.

    And nothing is suspicious. FDA, National Cancer Inst.- all 100% fair, innocent and always tell you the truth!
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    Max E.

    Did you even watch your own video? This treatment didnt prevent cancer, it was used to treat it, and the people who were taking this treatment in your video were taking the treatment for longer time frames in the brain cancer case, because people were dying from the chemo/radiation.

    Do you really think that the drug company makes more money from killing its patients with chemo, or using this treatment which patients could be alive and taking for years? Plus the company could patent it and charge whatever they wanted because people would pay through the teeth not to have to go through the horrible side effects of chemo.

    The first person to come up with a cure for cancer would become incredibly rich because they would own the patent and people would be willing to pay everything they have in order to extend their life, if these companies are really as corrupt as you think they are, and all they are concerned about is profits, then surely the first company to come up with a treatment to cure cancer would make billions upon billions of dollars from it, so it would be in their own best interest to patent it and release it.

  6. So, how come you're not treating people and making all sorts of money? Hmmmmmmm? [​IMG]
  7. Cuba's tried most of the holistic treatments for cancer and they report poor to mediocre results. One of my cousins was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago and was able to get research results from Cuba that showed the Cubans were no longer using most of the holistic techniques.

    A friend of mine who lives in Sweden says that many of these non-pharma cancer treatments have been tried there too, without much success.

    I find it difficult to believe that doctors in Cuba and Sweden are owned by big pharma.

  8. the responses to this thread lead me to the following thought...
    most people deserve to be killed by big pharma. not for free, of course, they need to be stripped out of their last dollar, plus their ignorant families.

    cancer business is alive and well for so long... i can guarantee you, the war on cancer will never end. its too good damn money making machine.
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    Max E.

    In other words people whose opinions differ from yours deserve to die..... thats awful thoughtful of you.... im sure glad you tried to save us from those evil doctors.....
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