Burris has 0 integrity

Discussion in 'Politics' started by demoship, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. and should never be allowed to serve in any govt position.

    What kind of idiot would accept that appointment?

    I mean, yeah, it's arguable on whether the appointment is legal or not, but this is politics here, you can't touch something that tainted.
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    Someone delusional/hopeful that his race will over shadow all else maybe?
  3. I don't know why race is even part of this discussion. He could be green and it wouldn't matter.

    The senate already said that they'd reject any appointment.

    Maybe Burris bought the seat, who knows. Blagojevich said on the phone he wanted to sell the seat, maybe he actually followed through with it. Burris is a lawyer, so he's got money, and he's been defeated in elections in the past.

    Can't do it legitimately? Might as well try to buy it.
  4. It was a brilliant move by Blagojevich. When he goes to trial and gets his [black] jury in Cook County, they will remember that he appointed a black man. In his speech he was speaking Spanish, appointing a Black guy... it's all about the jury...
  5. Doesn't matter! He's black and the congressional black caucus says that's good enough. In fact they're not so subtly saying that the position must be filled by a black man.
  6. They are not subtle at all, it's "get Whitey's money" all the way, no backing down ever baby!!

    The Democrats have to seat the guy or be called racists and traitors to their party, etc, so the guy gets seated and Blogo gets his jury... Blago is a smart guy maybe, not smart enough to be a successful criminal at all, but smart enough for Illinois politics....

    I'm seeing these politicians as being on the level of crew chiefs and the advocacy organizations being at the Thug level. The Politicians would not ever make it to the top of a Mafia organization, too stupid for that, in fact they have to love the limelight and the Mob guys have to shun it, that, and about 30-50 IQ points might be the only differences...
  7. The whole thing almost seems like it was planned from the start.

    I mean, come on, everyone knows that wiretaps are done all the time now, and even if the wiretap was illegal, you're a politician. The public isn't gonna give a crap that you got busted by a legal or illegal wiretap.

    He openly discusses selling the seat on the phone.. gets caught, then I don't know if he openly admitted it or not, but he turns around and says he ain't leaving, then appoints a black w/ deep roots in the community. That part, to spark the controversy that's going on now, is definitely intentional. Who knows if this was his plan from the start.

    One thing's for sure, he isn't doing his party any favors.
  8. Don't cha know, that Illinois politics is just a 0 integrity game.