Burris acknowledges trying to raise money for gov Blagojevich

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  1. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090217/ap_on_go_co/burris_blagojevich

    SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – U.S. Sen. Roland Burris has acknowledged trying to raise money for former Gov. Rod Blagojevich before being appointed to the Senate.

    According to a transcript posted on the Chicago Tribune's Web site, Burris told reporters in Peoria Monday night that he talked to some friends about putting together a fundraiser after being called by the ex-governor's brother.

    But Burris says he told Rob Blagojevich shortly after the November election that he couldn't get any friends to contribute and suggested he might be able to find others.

    Burris testified last month to a committee that recommended impeaching Rod Blagojevich that he had told only one Blagojevich associate he was interested in being senator.

    But he released an affidavit over the weekend indicating he had spoken to four others, including the calls from Rob Blagojevich.
  2. He apparently perjured himself before the Committee. What a surprise. Is there anyone in politics in Illinois who is honest?

    This is the dung heap that Obama crawled out of.
  3. I told you guys that Burris was great -- comedy! Burris, Blago, Bush


    I love politics!!
  4. Obama has always kept his distance from Blagojevich
  5. They swam in the same cesspool. At least Blago stuck to traditional political corruption. He wasn't close pals with Bill Ayers and Berndaine Doerhn.
  6. And McCain got free vacations From Keating

    Obama was not my first choice,but I will never regret voting for Obama over McCain