Burned twice now by TWS and RTH flag

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by SideShowBob, Apr 4, 2007.

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    I was going to go with IB as my broker but NOT after reading the ESSENTIAL defects
    associated with their unreliable software!

    Did you find a reliable broker?

    If you did would you share your new broker's name?

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  2. What's an "ESSENTIAL defect" exactly?
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  3. Yes.. What is an essential defect. All my trades get executed, I make money... There are some stupid problems that I have encountered, submitted suport tickets and executed a work around till fixed.

    But nothing that stops my trading. The data freeze or platform freeze issues seem to have been dealt with with 870.2 and 871 Beta.... As I havnt had a freeze since 870.2

    Now I plan to start automated trading of my FOREX strategies this week. If I have problems, I will harp on it. LOUDLY!!!. LOL
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  4. I guess you can't read. Go back and read my post. I said I was not having data problems with the latest build. I also said I had not read of anyone else having data problems either. As you obviously know, THE minute anyone has ANY problem, it gets posted on here immediately. Yet we haven't seen that lately. But hey guy, just direct me to someone who is having a recent data problem with Build 870.

    Better yet, why don't you stick with 864. LOL! This way you can't even get any help.

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  5. I don't think you are going to find a better deal than IB. This is why I stick with IB and try to give constructive criticism. I think you are getting a distorted perspective of IB, because the debates naturally tend to focus on the negatives, and for that reason they are misleading.
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  6. SideShowBob,

    I think it's terrific that you finally voted. I think your idea, that IB should have a "Quality Assurance" department, is also really a great idea. If IB had one or more employees with job descriptions committed to QA and to nothing but QA, then those employees would be the strongest possible advocates for our QA agenda. I think that if you were willing to work with IB, beyond merely voting, you could give them some very beneficial constructive criticism. How about you PM IB Salvatore with your thoughts on the issues you raised in this thread? Try to initiate some dialogue. I think your input could be very beneficial to all IB customers, as well as to yourself.

    Deep down, you must know we won't get a better deal with another broker, and that is why we are both still with IB. So why not direct your anger toward constructive criticism to make IB better?
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  7. Used car syndrome:
    If you have a piece of crap car in your driveway thats for sale that has a transmission that slips, you put some sawdust in the transmission fill tube to temporarily stop the slippage and let the new owner worry about it.

    Disclaimer: The use of the word slippage in this post is not to be construed in any way shape or form with any problems with IB, its agents or affiliates, and was only intended to be used as a noun reference to the transmission in given analogy.
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  8. Early Morning Humor... Today MUST be a great day. LOL.
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  9. I guess I must have a good trading method.

    Even with a substandard Hughesnet Satellite ISP and 6 year old computer, I'm able to easily trade many many stocks, options and futures, transfer money between IB and banks and run my automated API trading system, day after day, year after year.

    With very few problems.

    Not saying others don't have problems, just that IB and TWS works VERY well for me. I've been using them for years and years. Fantastic broker IMO.

    Good trading to all.

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    With all that $ you're making treat yourself to a new computer; the best there is at ANY price level:


    Well, I've heard enough about LESS than customer friendly service at IB. If you have to beg them to shape up their act - that's just too time consuming.

    Do you posters know of a more reliable broker around?

    I was looking at:


    Any input would be appreciated.


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