Burned twice now by TWS and RTH flag

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  1. Look like it. Seem like they are using IB users as for their QA testing.

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  2. 2006


    "Data Freeze"

    This has been happening all the time lately after hours. A week ago, I was in a position everything looked fine, the DOM wasn't moving. Then I go and check my Account balance -- and I see that I'm down $700 bucks.

    I say to myself WTF is going on. I realize after that the quotes are stuck/frozen. Completely unfucking acceptable. I restart IB TWS and the quotes are working again.

    I'm shopping for another primary broker, that's all I can say.
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  3. No worries -- not trying to attack you :)

    If you read the IB bulletin board apparently there's still some kind of issue, but it seems to only affect futures???? And often only after the nightly reset.

    Last time I ran 870 it took 5 minutes to start up.....

    Then again read my tradestation thread -- they suck even worse :eek: :eek:
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  4. You can -- but no guarantee it will work fine for your real account. Also it seems to be sporadic -- you can go weeks without a problem -- or have it every day. :(
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  5. Thats why I use DTN IQfeed for my Data, the TWS quotes get noticed quickly in case of freeze.
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  6. Hmm. I thought someone from IB here once said that the paper trading accounts get the same datafeed as regular accounts.
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  7. As far as I have seen they do. I have run a Paper trade instance along side a live instance and the quote feeds were the same.
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  8. Sorry for the newbie question. but what is the RTH flag? I did a google search on it and this thread was the first result :p
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  9. RTH refers to a checkbox in the order form that specifies whether the order is good only during Regular Trading Hours or whether it's good anytime.
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  10. Caution: in this context, i.e., for the purpose of the IB's RTH check box, RTH refers -- as you may or may not expect -- to NYSE hours, M - F, 9:30 - 4 ET. It has nothing to do with the trading hours of the instruments you are entering orders for.
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