Burned twice now by TWS and RTH flag

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  1. Twice now I've had orders submitted in TWS for metals on GLOBEX (NYMEX) somehow turn on their RTH flag. My TWS is set to allow stops to trigger outside of RTH and orders I submitted on other exchanges (for example eCBOT and CDE -- Montreal exchange) do not get this attribute set. Additionally when I submit the orders I do not see the "clock" in the status column, but overnight it apparently appears and the orders will not trigger until 9:30.

    Has anyone else had this problem? What can I do to fix it? I use TWS 864 since IB still apparently hasn't fixed the quotes freezing problem that's been going on for months now....

  2. SideShowBob,

    Have you voted for suggestion # 2185 in the IB New Features Poll?

    You are using an outdated version of TWS, for very good reason, because it is your strategy for avoiding the data freeze problem occurring in more recent versions. You are, unfortunately, also encountering a different bug, regarding stop orders, while using the outdated version. If you try to get troubleshooting for the problem with stop orders, IB's CS reps will tell you that IB will not troubleshoot the problem, because you are using an outdated TWS version. They will tell you that you must first update to the latest version, and then if the problem then continues with the current version, only then will they agree to troubleshoot.

    The problem with updating to the current version is that it will force you to grapple with the new bugs introduced, but not yet corrected, in the versions following the outdated version you are currently using. This includes the datafreeze problem. So you are between a rock and a hard place.

    If, on the other hand, IB had been following the policy suggested by suggestion # 1072, in the new features poll, things would have been different for you. IB did officially adopt # 1072 as policy, back in August 2006, but then IB failed to follow that policy. The # 1072 policy was that troubleshooting old bugs should take priority over adding new features. IB instead allowed the data freeze problem to persist through multiple new versions of TWS, all the while merrily adding more and more more new bells and whistles, in new version after new version.

    This is one example of the reason for suggestion # 2185. Suggestion # 2185 asks that IB change its priorities, to follow its own policy adopted from suggestion # 1072, so that fixing old problems with core functions and old features takes priority over adding new features. Suggestion # 2185 has not yet been officially accepted by IB, and is still open for voting. It seems to me, based on your particular problems, that your experience with IB would be greatly improved in the future, in many different ways, if your vote helped move IB toward adopting suggestion # 2185. Have you voted for it? I think that voting for it would be the best possible answer to your question, "What can I do to fix it?"
  3. I would just like to add that even though my previous posting criticizes IB, I still think IB is the best deal available, and I have criticized it only to help make it an even better deal for all its customers.
  4. I've upgraded to build 868 without problem. I'm now using the latest...build 870.2 the last few days. No problem with data.

  5. Same here, I am on 870.2 and no data feed freeze problems. 870.1 had data issues.

    So far smooth as silk. Trading is nice and quiet. :)
  6. I only observed the data freeze problem on one or two occasionsin recent weeks. My comments about it were relying on reports from other customers. The postings by oldtrader and giles117 suggest that maybe the problem has already been fixed, and that I just wasn't aware of this when I first posted into this thread.
  7. Boyz remember that no problems for you doesn't mean the problem is fixed. Just that you haven't hit it yet (maybe it is fixed I don't know).

    That's another gripe I have with IB -- no notice that bugs have been noted and/or fixed. Not that IB is unique in that regard.

    I heard that IB does not maintain a QA (quality assurance) department -- I believe it......:(
  8. I have no idea whether a stop issue exists, or whether if it does, if it was fixed. I only commented because you appear to not update your TWS because of a belief that there is a data issue present in the later builds. I think that belief is false.

  9. Can you set up a papertrading account and test the newer TWS build with that account to see if there are no data feed problems?
  10. off topic but on web-browser i seem unable to show volumes on charts...the icon is lite grey and 'un-clickable'.
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