Burn a Koran and a Bible and a Torah

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  1. Hell we ought to have a burning a day everyday, the uniqueness will wear off eventually, even the fundamentalist will get used to it. All this pussy footing around the radical Muslims only gives them power.
  2. Wow, that's really deep. You must have put some serious thought into that one... LOL!

  3. You must be a happy sill little boy, all your post have , LOL in them. Your new name on here is giggle boy.
    But what I wrote is true, they can't have a major response everyday.

  4. Thats probably the best thing i've read in a long time. Their flock is responsible for four/fifths of the mess our world is in .:mad:

    Other than that, they should call on their respective Gods to come and take them away to live on some other planet of their own & leave us to live in here in harmony :)
  5. When the demon was communism, religion was not an issue.

    They were Godless Communists.

    Which always seems strange to me, because if they were Christian Communists, that was okay?

    Now we have sold our souls and our debt to Godless Capitalists, who were once the red devil know as Godless Communists, AKA Red China.

    Clearly, and logically, religion is the not the cause of totalitarian thinking. It is a vehicle for totalitarian thinking to be expressed, but the cause of extremism itself is not religion.

    The reason we terminally fail when we take on trying to fight extremism, is that we don't understand why extremists are and become extremists, and why this element of extremism has been around for most of human history.

    There is a deep psychological payoff for the extremist. The extremists, once converted to that particular ideology, religious or atheistic...they no longer need to thing about anything much. Uncertainty is gone, and certainty and belonging to a group of like minded people satiates those who crave certainty and being surrounded by like minded people.

    The world for them is completely black and white, the drug of certainty of the extremists movements is flowing daily in to their brains, it is a fact that extremist movements are capable of rallying the base like no other.

    Sadly, Americans as a group don't understand the actual dynamics of extremism or extremist movements, and so they do exactly the wrong thing and attack the symptoms of extremism, or the particular symbols that the extremist movements use to influence the followers. The lizard brain is easier to influence than the reasonable well adjusted thinking brain.

    So Americans blame and demonize Islam, the same way they blamed Communism, the same way they blamed the Nazis, the same way they blame anyone who doesn't subscribe to our own form of extremism, which currently is found in the form of unbridled capitalism. Our entire foreign policy is an extension of the promotion of the American way of life...which is capitalism.

    Extremist movements are nearly always reactionary in nature. They develop and grow, gaining converts due to economic conditions that make the sheeple susceptible to extremist thinking.

    I believe we need to do whatever we can to remain above the extremist reactionary thinking, even when we observe extremism attempting to attack our own ideology the temptation is there to label an entire group, or religion, or ideology as the demon...rather than isolate the extremist factions and movements from the entire group's homogeneity.

  6. Optional, of all people, should be able to articulate with a high degree of familiarity on extremism...
  7. Good post optional and I agree with most of it. But the problem at hand is an Islamic one. Without their religion uniting them we wouldn't be giving them a second thought. And political ideology can not match religion in staying power and the power to unite the average man, sure the communist soldier would fight for his country but not like the religious fundamentalist who will die for their belief and kill just because someone has a different belief.
  8. This is why I disagree. The problem is not Islamic, it goes to the Islamic fanaticism.

    That fanaticism could be communism, capitalism in the of Christianity, a Crusade of Christianity, Nazism, etc.

    The elements are the same in every case of fanaticism, totalitarian thinking, and extremism...especially when there is a need to convert others with violence to the particular point of view.

    All of these movements have been political in nature, as politics deals with one person or group having power over another person or group's ideology.

  9. jem


    why do leftists socialists always try to create Christian to Muslim.

    why don't you compare the fanaticism of today..
    Christian vs Muslim.
    then compare what is preached in church vs mosque...

    then lets look at a useful comparision...

    Lets look at the views of the average Christian vs the average muslim on say subjects such as..

    freedom to practice other religions
    freedom to speak out against religion
    freedom to support Isreal
    freedom from suicide bombings
    freedom for gays to be gay
    freedom of women to wear bikinis
    freedom for women to be treated as equals
    freedom to set up govts which respect others rights

    Finally lets compare the right to preach in a Christian country or a muslim.

    If you were to stand on street corner and preach about Islam what is likely to happen... and compare to what would happen if you did that in Saudi, Iran, the rest of the ME or parts of india...

    when someone starts comparing extremists watch out for an agenda...
  10. Jem Islam is much much worse, but Christians have had their day in the sun as murderers also. So let's be safe and just do away with all religions. And yes we can start with Islam, I've no problem with that. See we agree on something.
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