Burger King..Anyone thinking about it?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by DaveWeis, May 15, 2006.

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    Is anyone out there thinking about burger king? I know their first day public is this week, but I cant seem to find the specific day.
    Is anyone thinking of picking this stock up?
  2. I prefer "In & Out" and I plan to pick up a double/double with grilled onions in about a half hour. Privately owned however, and they make so much cash, they have no plans to go public.

  3. DaveWeis


    You just made me hungry with no chance for food for awhile. Damn you.
  4. ananda


    I have decided not to apply for new issue stock. No harm would come of so doing (you could flip it at the open, probably no worse than flat) but press comment has been unenthusiastic and the ususal rating services have marked down their guesses as to the opening "pop".

    Can't be bothered. Recent US IPOs over the past three weeks have been mostly uninspiring.

    May prove wrong of course but there you go.
  5. burger king is a low margin
    low market share
    low innovating business.

    1. Their decour, have you seen their decour in their restuiarants?

    Can you get any darker then this?
    How about some lights there, this ain't a night club.

    2. Their new king size products are ok, their only innovative product in the last 20 years.

    3. Their dinners back in the 90s were cool, anybody ate those? forgot what they contained, but they discontinued it, I always thought it was a good deal.
    Had like turkey and all kinds of shit.

    4. Market share, No differentiation from mcdonalds,
    only thing that allows them to stay in the business is monopolization of a certain strip mall or pit stop, they are the only burger place there, otherwise
    I'd always choose mcdonalds over burger king.

    5. flame broiled,
    it don't look flame broiled to me, start flipping that shit in front of me, make it sizzle, make the whole place smell like fresh sizzled burgers, thats flame broiled, looks like some microwave flame broiled from the counter.
  6. I like Dairy Queen better :D
  7. jerryz


    same can be said about kmart when it emerged from chapter 11. look at how its stock performed.

  8. The analogies to Kmart should include near death experience. Franchisees have mounted insurrections, their menu is 30 years behind the times, stores are closing or hemorraging money, etc. Look at the Chicken Baguette failure and their lame attempts to update the menu. Their fries suck for heavens sake!!!! When will the pain end!!!

    Best tasting low- end fast food: Hardees, Carl's jr., Whattaburger, Checkers, White Castle/ Krystals, Jack In The Box. Steak and Shake and Fuddruckers on the higher end.
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    Burger King is just too slow in getting out your food compared to McDonalds.

    Is anyone getting sick of seeing that homosexual looking character "The King" besides me?
  10. At least it is a memorable campaign. Whatever happened to Rick Bayless/ Chicken Baguette/ fire grilling ads? I don't think BK has had very many memorable ads between Emmanuel Lewis and "The King."
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