Bunning For US Pres.....

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by libertad, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. One of baseballs great pitchers. An even better senator.
  2. Bunning is actually in agreement, nearly completely, with Ron Paul, though partisan Republicans won't admit it (they hate Ron Paul - he threatens the military-industrial complex, which is taboo for them, and the reason they've grown government so much).

    I would vote for Jim Bunning as POTUS in a New York minute.
  3. Whoever it is, I think they should wear crisp khakis, with those razor - sharp creases in the trousers. And a cap. A brightly colored service cap with a patton leather brim. Epilets!!! With gold braids hanging over the shoulders. And definitely sidearms. Maybe two with pearl handles.

    Because, if you're going to lead a Banana Republic, you should look the part.
  4. Daal


    get this guy to run the Fed and we'd be in a barter economy in no time
  5. I like Ron Paul. He is in favor of protecting our country instead of the world, and rebuilding the economic structure so the words 'living wage job' actually mean something. /pitch
  6. Cutten


    What makes you say that?
  7. No taxes or governmental restrictions in a barter economy. Hmmm...
  8. A barter economy is the most efficient type.

    Now that's a free market, baby.