Bund's off the leash

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Dogfish, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. Dogfish


    454 tics higher than where NFP came out in barely 2 days

    Yesterday BTP was sold off nearly 400 tics while bund shot up 200 tics, these markets are making oil look tame

    Of 9 yrs trading bund all day every day this is exceptional on a par with '08, just hope it doesn't wash the volume out the book for years again

    Some of the pnl swings I've heard in the pro prop houses are ageing the risk managers big time!
  2. All is well here... Nothing to see, move right along.
  3. Blotto


    Damn, I took bund off my screens about 4 months ago. Should have thought to take a look but was too busy with the Dax/Euro.

    The numpties that average down into those spikes but with too many lots blew out in '08 never to return I guess? The new blood has been drummed in not to do it by the risk managers, and the good traders are still the good traders and killing it...?
  4. I am not sure if "killing it" is how I would describe it. More "getting killed" going on at the moment, from what I can see.
  5. Dogfish


    Yeah any company that makes stretchers might be a good stock tip
  6. bone

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    So much for my quaint little timid plain vanilla missionary position Shaz-Bobl-Bund Butterfly chart.
  7. FGBL07


    Sometimes sipping coffee/tea is a very sound strategy, especially on mornings like today's ;-).

    It's rare to see such a thin order book.
  8. Dogfish


    And now they're calling it "market vola-Italy" :D

    Talk China back in buying the cash periphery bonds again, certainly moving the spreads

    <B>FGBL07</B> As for tea I recommend "Twinings - Moment of Calm" my box of which is rapidly depleting!
  9. FGBL07


    Trading looks normal today. Though the order book still tends to look a little bit thin. But any political news will shake the markets again.

    Thanks for the tip. In the morning I need some coffee and I have just run out of it :(
  10. TsunTzu


    Last I heard there were 20 of them outside the office of that group that loves a spread up. You know who I mean Dogfish, 20bags each was doing the rounds. Doh!

    English breakfast for me btw, but always Twinings.

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