Bunds, Gilts, Dax

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Jaime, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. Jaime


    I am a 6mnth veteran of the futures game, but now I am working the graveyard shift at an execution desk. The active contracts when I work are the Bunds, Gilts and Dax. I am just trying to gain some insight on the best way to trade these. Typically I am more interested in swing moves not strict technical/systematic type day trading. Any wisdom my fellow ET posters could impart would be much appreciated.

    Thanks, :D
  2. buy weakness and sell strength. so far, on indexes future there ain't any weakness for months on end and strength is too overwhelming, so buy every freaking dip and u'll likely make some money.
    that's the way to go with futs. use 15min charts and get in when bars get overextended compared to previous day...they usually leave a shadow [tail] behind and the next bar may well be the opposite color and dictate the trend for the rest of the session. these are swings that can last from half/full day to a couple of days or more.

    best of luck.