Bundesbank´s Weber:ECB to increase Euro growth projections next month

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  1. Weber, 53, said the ECB is likely to raise its euro-region growth forecasts next month after the German economy, Europe’s largest, expanded in the second quarter at the fastest pace since records for a reunified country began in 1991. The Bundesbank yesterday lifted its German growth prediction for 2010 to 3 percent from 1.9 percent.

    ‘Upward Revisions’

    “Since the second quarter outpaced our expectations the euro-area projections too are likely to be revised up as a result of the German performance,” Weber said. The euro-region revisions will be “more modest” than Germany’s because of weaker growth in some peripheral countries, he said.

    The ECB in June predicted euro-area growth of 1 percent this year and 1.2 percent in 2011. Weber said there are no signs of inflation, and indicated the ECB’s key interest rate is likely to remain at a record low of 1 percent for some time.

    “Since inflation risks continue to be low over the policy- relevant medium term, this does not suggest a policy tightening yet,” he said.