BUND Traders-Serious!!!

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  1. Are there any Eurex BUND traders out there?...what are your thoughts about it?...profitable contract?
  2. ynox1


    I am.
    It moves, there is money to be made.
    But, it is viciously manipulated, the price action has become a joke.
    If you want to try because you are not making money in another market, then don't trade it, it will be the end of you. If you are successfully trading a different market, then don't waste your time in the Bund and just focus where you're making money.
    But if you do decide to trade it, don't put trades based on the price action, just focus on the technicals. Good luck!
  3. asap


    the fut is traded almost exclusively as part of program or arb trading algos. manual folks are being squeezed to death and i dont believe they can survive any longer.

    still a good instrument to trade on fundamental, technical or both data because it moves and it's quite liquid.

    if you know what you're doing you can use the FOP's on bund and trade exclusively gamma which will provide extra leverage and reduced risk.

    good luck
  4. yes there is some absolute fantastic opportunities on the bund.

    just read some of the other posts in this main thread.

    according to some people who remark against my threads they are cleaning up trading the eurex bonds.
  5. I do very well out the bund thank you!

    I live a very comfortable lifestyle trading the bund! Ive got a big house, a lot of the birds on the go and I only drink the very best shampoo!

    So if you want to come and join the bund party feel free!
  6. Ill have to second that, technical analysis, cobblers!!! its simple if i think its going down, i sell it, if i think its going up, i buy it, i also have a big house and i only trade between 8 and 9, that is if i havent my target by 8.30.
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    too many rotter alter egos in here. 10k lot flipper anyone?
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    What is Your tick profit range as well as drawdown on a monthly basis?

    average and worst and best

    Thank You in advance for reply to this Q

    i trade stocks long term holdings for years

    been watching BUND for few months
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    "profitable contract" :D :D The funniest thing
    I've heard this month... so far

    imo, the Bund intraday is nothing more than a casino.
    Try daily charts.
  10. Mr B

    Mr B


    daily charts on the bund is easy.

    eurostoxx has similar liquidity, ranges, but a kinder order book for daytrading.

    daytrading the bund is way worse than a casino, you get free drink at a casino.
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