Bund spike at 15.11 local

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by trendtrader9, May 11, 2005.

  1. was that a stop related spike through 121.32 to 41 just now ?

    estoxx was static, looked news like :confused:

  2. All I know is "ouch".:(
  3. In hindsite, it looks like a large "smart-bomb" order, as we are trading '47. Success, CB
  4. y, looks that way CB, tx

    they must have bt quite a few

    a bit frantic since it moved above the pre payrolls area

    over 1 mill contracts by 14.00 is a busy day
  5. anyone got any ideas as to how much higher bunds are going to go????????
  6. No, not while the Euro is tanking like this. What was that order, like a 20k lot? Anyone know what the 124 calls are trading?
  7. They are going up to 123.69. Feel free to ask any more questions, I always have an answer.:cool:

    I think you should ask yourself the following question: "what is stopping me from buying bunds?"
  8. FGBS


    Dec bund 123 call is 0.09/0.11 longshot but you might get lucky trading out on one of the NFP figures towards the end of the year :D

    Does anyone here actively trade the options?

  9. No - but also interested in those that do.

    I've been looking into it for trades off the 30/60min and daily charts.

    Don't have the balls for overnight futures positions, but for 2-7 day trades off bigger time frames it seems like a good way of participating with a known downside.

    With a fairly defined time window for your trade it looks like buying small ITM or OTM looks like a good way to do it ..?
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