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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by thecrow, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. thecrow


    from 122.76 to 122.80, looked like 10k order filled 7k from .76 to .80 and .80 bid over 3k (10:54:06 local time) ... unusual but the second time this style of order has printed this week ... makes for interesting trading
  2. simp1


    interesting or very expensive trading !! exactly the same went through yesterday.
  3. Hm. Four points is lost in the noise from where I'm sitting - are you scalping for less than that?
  4. simp1


    4 points or do you mean 4 ticks ?
  5. thecrow


    from where i'm sitting every tick counts!
  6. Whoops, yes, I meant 4 ticks. Four full points I *would* notice. :D
  7. and again 85 to 80 at 16.07 local

    makes the indexes look very boring
  8. simp1


    Has anyone any idea why it is trading like this , what are these guys achieving ??
  9. My theory or should I say opinion is that it is a way to make a quick few ticks by someone who is trading very large size. Sweep it 5 ticks, get all the scalpers/spreaders stuck and then buy or sell it back from them when they get out. IT never really seems to have any follow through after the sweep like you think it would. IF it only happened once I would say it was just some random order, however it seems to happen everyday or every other day at this point. To me it seems to be a new trading scenario for someone in the market.
  10. probably don't want to work an order

    if it is trading 84-85 and have 10k to buy , they may pay up 90 for 10k, with avg of say 87.5.

    If mkt is jumpy and they just bid 85 for 10,000, taking 1000 at 85 say, they will move mkt up a few and end up paying more in the end, so it gives them certainty.

    Or at least so says a mate who does it with opm :)
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