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  1. A simple intraday system to get a few points .. like 4-5
    or some tips to daytrade the bund.
    Something simple, starting with 1-2 lots.
    Do you follow any MA? EMA? i would like to catch breakouts, but it s hard !
    Any tips or ideas ? :confused:
  2. Well, here's one thing you could try with 2-lots: Each month on the first Friday following the first Thursday at 14:29 German time, go long at market if the preceding day was up or go short at market if the preceding day was down.

    There's usually a breakout at 14:30. With any luck you'll be able to capture 50 ticks. With a 2-lot that's 100 ticks, which averages out to 4 and a bit ticks per day each month. Voila!

    Note: This system may need a little work in the stop-loss department. :D
  3. :p
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    You are best to not even ask any questions here because you will 95% of the time get a useless answer by someone who has never even heard of a Bund, Bobl, or any other German debt instrument for that matter.
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    Are Bunds and Bobls german debt instruments??? :p
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    no theyre christmas tree decorations.

    schatz is a funny kind of meat/sausage i think that is eaten on german birthdays.
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    euribors are a french pastry before you ask.
  8. Enough talk of food already, your making me hungry,

    Seriously though If I was starting of trading I would trade the Schatz (German 2 year debt) futures using option to limit risk. The schatz is a lot less volatile than the bund giving you more chances to do learning trades and still have capital to trade with when your good.
    I also think that schatz options a underpriced right now. I am looking at long straddle. Any thoughts?
  9. I personally think that if you are a new trader and want to trade the bund, you're a fcuking nutter, but then again, if t\you want to learn as much as you possibly can about all the REAL aspects of an intra-day market (spoofing, flipping, false breakouts, moves off news, being about 2000th in a queue then suddenly getting filled within the foirst 500 lot and getting your ring piece fingered etc.) then it is a good idea. I definitely think it was of long term benefit to me to start on the bund but for anyone starting out without much background, I hope you have plenty of patience/money to learn with....
  10. I second Let it run's statement. Couldn't have said it better, except maybe I would have used the term "fisting" quite a bit more. But if you must find out, trade for as short of a time frame as poss; the less exposure to the 'high jinks', the better IMHO. Success, CB
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