Bund Future 03/28/2008

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by BKuerbs, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. BKuerbs


    WTF was that?

  2. I saw the same thing! -150 ticks and back up again. Bad data or fat finger?

  3. Bad tick. Low on Reuters is 115.52.
  4. BCT


    Must have been a fat finger.

    Would have loved to have been the guy that got 1000 down at 114.00!
  5. On T&S there were those trades on fast downmove...no true 'bad ticks'.. maybe a 33k sell-order or a trader may have
    perhaps transposed the price for number of contracts sold...
  6. I thought they had a max for market orders?
  7. fat finger by a large local or institution...if they have the margin and there is no confirm order...et-voila'!
  8. Hmm. The last chart that I saw had a market order max of 2000 for bund.
  9. if those are nake shorts..a career could be on play...now let's wait for an Eurex announcement on burst trades; dunno their policy.

  10. Sorry, was looking at wrong contract. It does show on
    Reuters. 44000 contracts!! Somebody is on the hotseat!
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