Bund/Bobl spread

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by andy4444, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. andy4444


    Anyone trading Bund against Bobl?

    If so, how is it going?

    Do you trade one lot Bund against one lot of Bobl? or do you trade a different ratio?

    Grateful for any input!

  2. and further...

    Does anybody know software or a website that will chart futures spreads. Either internet based or standalone?

    and if anyone trades spreads please talk about some of the most popular spread combinations (ie. bund/bobl, etc..)

    Thank you.
  3. pux03


    I trade the FITE spread (5yr note vs. 10yr note) and the NOB (10yr note vs. 30yr bond)

    I use CQG for all of my technicals, the service is impeccable and you can chart just about anything but the service is costly I believe
  4. andy4444


    Thanks for the input Pux!

    Do you trade one five-year against one ten-year, or do you have a different ratio?

    I used to use CQG, and as you write they are great but costly. I used to pay around $5oo/month

    What do you use for your trading? Is it technicals on the spreads, or on the outrights? Do you mostly use support and resistance, or trendlines? or?

    All the best

  5. Pux03, also which broker do you use to enter these trades and do you leg into it or enter the spread in one single order?

    Thank you.
  6. H2O


    I also trade them. (Bund / Bobl, 30 vs 10, 30 vs 5, Index futs. and equities)
    PM me for info, I have no time right now, but will answer Q's later.

    Software : Fibonacci Trader (I can have spread charts and program systems on them etc. etc.)
    Datafeed : eSignal
  7. pux03


    i like to leg into the spreads, get some edge. I never go to market with both sides, I work at least one side of the spread.