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    • Bumble-- the dating app founded by Whitney Wolfe Herd (co-founder of Tinder) -- could be worth $10B, more than 3x its last private round, per Reuters. In comparison, Match Group (owner of OkCupid, Hinge, Tinder etc.) is up ~2x in the past year.
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    This news and the valuations on these companies is just mind boggling....this all goes back to the fed and trillions and trillions of dollars they print each and every day. Without the fed trillions this company would be lucky to be worth even $50 million let along $10 billion.
  3. Since the creation of the Fed, the $USD has declined ~99%. That's why a loaf of bread that used to cost $.05, now costs $5.00. We survived the 1st "100:1 devaluation". Will we survive the next 100:1 devaluation on the remaining 1% of $USD currency value... where the price of bread soars to $500? IOW... how long will your money last when a bag of groceries costs $10,000?

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    I like Bumble, not a user at the moment, but met I think it's 6 off bumble and 9 of Badoo ( used much much longer ) , 2 of POF don't get on with that 1, 2 of Tinder.

    Good times, not bothered recently with lockdowns and crappola!!
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    bumble sucks all I saw was fatties
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    Mostly Model pics I find, had mostly fitties, fatties think there is and go for fit blokes, being fat I only get fitties that think there fatties.

    Badoo, Location Matching was working best 2019 pre covid.

    Back on soon, my 30 year old size 6, very needy and costly time and money wise and excuses excuses and no fun :( Shame hot but STUPID!!
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    Take a look at what a bag of groceries cost now a days. A simple bag of goodies can be a quick $35-$50 depending on how you load it up.
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    I have used bumble before and fatties rarely exist on there. In fact bumble plays around with the profiles. I have seen so many model looking women/good looking women that i have to say they play with the profiles, there is no way possible that out of say 100 profiles more than half have good looks in say a 20 mile radius and the amount of people that never repeat that are good looking raises questions that bumble is creating an artificial dating scene.
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    Yep most model's are hookers trying to drum of business, they never respond so ?? or just fake profiles to encourage you to pay X amount to try to reach them maybe ??
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    My 21 year old size 4 is very independent, efficient with time, doesn't like to waste money and will put up with anything and is a lot of fun. My pickup line was "I need some ass". I guess that's just me tho
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