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    I clicked on the Youtube video link thinking that I would see something that had a hint of professionalism. Basically, it was some young kid with a messy room.

    Now I know this thread will either be closed or deleted, but please, lets hear a few responses first.

    Would you honestly take trading advice from someone on youtube who appears to be a kid in a messy room?
  2. Of course I wouldn't... I know the kid means well and has dreams and aspirations, but that video was an embarrassment for him. Unfortunately, he doesn't realize it was embarrassing. He has absolutely no idea what he is talking about, and his pauses for dramatic effect were horrible. I truly feel sorry for the kid.... he seems kind of messed up in my opinion. He should be out playing sports and chasing girls.
  3. I never trust anybody with a tattoo.
  4. patoo


    Give that guy 20 years and he will take your money while you thank him.
  5. Now he's resorted to "borrowing" print images as the logo for his "company". It was taken from Barron's Online for a feature titled, "007: The Year Ahead"; graphic by Paul Antonson:



  6. Paul Antonson has just informed me that he's contacted Jay to remove the copyrighted material from his youtube site. Additionally, he's contacted youtube to notify them of the copyright violation.

    3 strikes kid.
  7. He really needs to be shut down so he can go actually learn to trade.

    The kid is messed up. He is seriously demonstrating tendencies that are indicative of legitimate mental issues.

    It was funny to me, and still is, but it is more sad than funny.

    I hope this can all be squashed harmlessly for him before he really gets nailed.

    Kinda like if a kid picks up an AK-47 in Afghanistan....one can only hope someone takes it away from him before the wrong people see him as a combatant and waste him.
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    Holy shit, just saw these threads. It occurs to me that 6 degrees of separation may be the functioning model here. Is it possible that Timmay, Marketsurfer and BnB are all members of the same gene pool, share the same DNA . They do all live in the northeast. One of you guys should start a poll and demand they pony up DNA samples.


    If any of them come up related to Aztec or Mayan royalty you'll know somebody somewhere in time was humping the gardner.
  9. ... how far a hole is the kid willing to dig himself in? :confused:

    It's really getting, a little, well, sociopathic with him now.

    Man, you think he'd quit, or at least straighten his act up.

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    I wouldnt even classify this as a "good try" at a trading website. Its basically a young teenager with a bad haircut in a messy room.

    The more I see sites like this, the more I believe we probably have more downside to go. The professionals will emerge when we are at the bottom and the quacks will be flussshhhheeeedddddd....

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