BullShip Press Presents: 'PennyStocking': Six-Hour Instructional Trading DVD: $297

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  1. No, the way to do it Tim is to put tiny little posts in threads all across the website. If one post placed in a single thread is proving to generate a profit of just $10 week ... then placing that same post in TEN threads every week will generate a profit of $100 a week. Furthermore, placing that same PROVEN PROFIT PRODUCING post in 100 threads every week would generate a profit of $1,000 a week. If you were to run THAT SAME PROVEN PROFIT-PRODUCING post in 1,000 threads a week it could produce, on average, $10,000 profit a week... or $520,000 profit a year... year after year after year!*

    Sound incredible? Maybe, but over 40 years ago, I started my book selling career with one small ET post. Since then, I've run thousands upon thousands of posts, month after month, year after year and have made millions doing it. I've learned a lot about what works and what doesn't. I found that, as with most things, making money with posts is easy when you know how.

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  2. Hahahaha....too funny

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  3. someones got to take this thread and sell it to hollywood.

    theres some real comedy genius in this.

    im pissing myself laughing.

    this is a great script.

    i havent laughed so much in years.

    well done to the thread starter.

    pure genius.

    larryy david would give a million for the rights to this alone.

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  4. Great pwnage..

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  5. hcour

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    Another Timmay thread! YAAAAY!

    Second only to Bull n Bear threads for entertainment value!

    More! More!

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  6. Yes and you see throughout the book, I've gone back and forth whether to let me strategies out. Now I've decided once and for all to tell everything so people can finally begin critiquing me base don actual facts rather than assumptions.

    These are real DVDs. I could care less that my 2007 audit is gonna show I have a loss, it's not due to trading, it's all CYGT. This is a marathon, not a sprint, I will have each year audited for the rest of my life so everyone knows EXACTLY how I have done.

    Yes and this is why I say it's going to be easier for me to teach 1,000 people to make $10,000 each than me try to make $10 million. Over the past few years, I've learned a ton about scalability---now I'm going to put it to work. The names I play a lot more liquid than most everybody understands, plent of room for lots of small traders.
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  7. In all fairness selling 1000 DVDs at $297 is $297,000. If you focused on your trading and refined your setups, you could probably make that and more. You have in the past. Just need to adapt to new market environment.
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  8. Well, yes and no. If he proclaimed to have ruined his successful trading strategies by sharing them with too many people, then what do you think selling DVDs of these strategies to the public via mass marketing will do to the effectiveness of such strategies? By his own words. The contradiction is that he claims his program will provide value when he previously advised, in writing, that sharing on a much lower scale ruins value.
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  9. It does not seem "brutally honest" for it to be OK for Timmay to give out strategies which he says will not work if too many poeple use them...

    ...looks like a little snake oil for the masses of newbies and suckers...
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  10. facts are, most people who buy these types of products don't actually use them. think of don lapre'--"tiny classified ads"--did you notice an increase of "tiny classified ads" in the local paper after his infomercial ran its course? laPre' got rich, but very few people followed his directions.

    there is a whole class of "get rich" junkies who buy everything but do nothing who support these types of ventures.

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