BullShip Press Presents: 'PennyStocking': Six-Hour Instructional Trading DVD: $297

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  1. Who cares, please stop posting.
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  2. Actually it wasn't me--if you read the comment I attached to it, I said I'd leave it up there as a shining example of the kind of reviews I usually ask Amazon to delete. Unfortunately for me, Amazon themselves deleted it and now I'm gonna have to listen to your idiotic bitching and you'll probly just repost it.

    FYI Amazon sent me this email today:

    Hello from Amazon.com.

    We noticed a review that doesn't follow our guidelines. I've removed these comments, and the review should
    disappear from Amazon.com soon.

    We want our review forum to be a place for constructive comments and
    feedback that may be useful to other customers. We will remove any
    review that falls outside of our guidelines.

    I've listed additional information about our review policy and other
    Communities features below.

    In case anyone is wondering what the review says, I saved it just to show how ridiculous this guy is:

    This author is self-absorbed. To get a better idea about him,
    follow this link (below), and see some real comments about the book
    and the author. He has a history of using false reviews, and aliases
    to bring attention to himself. He has made himself a regular target
    on EliteTrader.com with constant spamming, using false aliases to
    shill for his book, and has created a very negative opinion in the
    minds of others. He also is known to have had some negative reviews
    on Amazon removed.

    That's not even close to being a book review! Seriously dude, I've been in contact with some seriously stupid people in my lifetime, but you take the cake, congrats I guess.
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  3. Sykes alias, possibly
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  4. dr0833


    Guys this guy Timothy Sykes is amazing at picking penny stocks. Hes up 100% for the year on his account that he trades on his site. I bought his DVD Penny Stocking which came with his book American Hedge Fund. Its a great course and I have learned a lot about his strategy at timothysykes.com. He sells it for $297 + $15 for shipping. I am selling my copy for 195.00 on Ebay.

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  5. He is an idiot and couldn't trade a $20 for a $5 bill without screwing it up.

    And you are likely his alias anyway. Sad you need to look for free advertising since your stuff is so useless.

    Lemmings! Idiots! Here is your chance to blow your trading account! Sign on up!
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  6. RhinoGG

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    Ok already! I bought the DVD and now I'm going to burn 1000's of copies and give them away. Shit, I'll even host the fucking thing on youtube and google video.
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  7. EPrado


    His strategy is ok if you want to make 4000 bucks a year trading a few hundred shares of stocks. Good for the minnows out there I guess.

    Is he still charging people 50 bucks for a phone call with him ?
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  8. gaj


    why do that? it's supposed to be out on some filesharing networks already, and ppl trashing it.
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