BullShip Press Presents: 'PennyStocking': Six-Hour Instructional Trading DVD: $297

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  1. Its NOT my BullShip, I am just a fan, and I like the book a lot.. God, you guys need to get a clue.. :D

    How about his? you buy me a PennyStocking set and I'll let you call me and chat with me about my new trading career.
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  2. They'll attack anyone who likes the book for now, but eventually the numbers will grow too large.

    As for the DVD, I just finished filming the other day so soon I'll be sending it out for review (unlike just about every other publisher)
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  3. CORRECTION: Sykes you have made less than 1%/yr since 2003

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  4. empee


    this sounds interesting. I'm probably going to order it to check it out. If indeed it does disclose the information promised, I think it will be a real hit!

    PS I'm not TimSykes wannabe nor friend (actually I hate how he clogs up ET), but if indeed its knowledge that isn't the same rehashed stuff from other trading books, its always cool to learn new stuff, even if it means you develop your own systems from them.

    Tim: Why not make a package deal for the book + dvd for a discount since I have neither.
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  5. I think this is why people who actually like your book are afraid to publically come out and say it due to the personal attacks and wrongful accusations on here. I know I've had enough. But, thank you Tim for fighting through the adversity and bringing the message to the masses.
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  6. Welllll, I guess if you factor out inflation (which would result in a negative return) he TECHNICALLY made money....since even 0.1% is more than 0%...but yeah...you know....that is fucking pathetic.
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  7. Snake Oil as expected.

    Come on Tim, most of us saw this coming. Just a matter of time.

    What can I say, you were dealt a lucky hand and you are capitalizing on it. I actually commend you for that.

    The part that makes me and other lose lots of respect for you is how you try to lie & weasel around what you are really doing. Look, you're not the first to think of this strategy. It's been around for a while. And it still works if executed right, you definitely have the position & persona to do it.

    So here is a hint, don't bother with ur snake oil on ET. You have already been ripped apart and it will only get worse.
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  8. Right, so Tim will say well if you don't include this trade or that trade Cilantro Fund return would be better...but that is not how the world works..

    ...it is pathetic that he goes from Fund manager to dvd/snake oil salesman... and his SPAM is ridiculous.
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  9. Sorry for clogging up ET, but gotta correct people when they tell vicious lies. And this is a package deal--you get an autographed book and 4-disc DVD set and 230 page manual for $297 + shipping

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  10. Tim,
    I wish you success in your new business of selling trading products, but as someone else mentioned, ET may not exactly be the best spot to be spending your time. I thought it was great to have you on board when you first came here, but now that you are no longer trading and just selling stuff, your credibility has fallen dramatically in my opinion.

    I hope you are able to teach others to trade penny stocks but that just smells bad from afar. You've said yourself this is not scalable, so I have to wonder how many of the people spending 300 bucks on the package will actually be able to make money at it. If you have 100 people trading the same thing on a limited quantity stock, that seems like a problem.

    And I'm going to guess that sooner or later we are going to see the DVD's and/or workbook up on a torrent site as well. Of course when that happens, it's harder to sell your wares, so keep that in mind.

    It's really too bad that the fund is shut down and from my view, it looks like the white flag is being waved. You said in Wall Street Warriors you wanted to trade for many, many years and I guess that goal was not realistic. Your story is an interesting one but outside of the book, I'm not seeing the value you are providing. And when selling your wares, it's all about providing value. Your story is fun now, but unless this penny trading thing is the real deal and many can work it, I'd suggest getting that resume in order.
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