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This is...

  1. still a Bull

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  2. shut up, this is a Bear

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  1. romik


    This is a bear market, my approach is not to buy, but rather sit on hands for a little while longer as another major sell off is around the corner. Don't be naive, this is not the time to join hands & walk round the fire singing songs of praise about the stock market.

    There, you can even vote on this one.
  2. Market is fine up until the next Fed meeting. Once they don't cut all hell breaks loose.

  3. Do not count on it trying to short here, you will be handed down your ass on a silver platter. Do you believe in Technical Analysis or tooth fairy?

    Here is some Technical Analysis from S&P Market scope:

    "The technical conditions of the stock market showed significant improvement during the week. We’ve discussed some of them in this commentary during the week. First, as we mentioned above, the market internals have improved. Both the advance/decline lines and the new high/new low lines on both the NYSE and the NASDAQ have started to turn up. Secondly, the 50 day moving averages of all three major indexes and many stocks have turned up. Not only is an upward sloping 50 day moving average line an intermediate term bullish sign, it also provides a technical support level during any potential pullback. Lastly, the fear has subsided in the market. After falling below its 200 day moving average on Tuesday (22.68), the CBOE volatility index (VIX) has remained near that level and closed the week at 22.45. This is quite a contrast to its behavior in the past six months. Since last October, VIX has bounced off its 200 day moving average every time it fell to that level. The ability of VIX to stay at the relatively low level around its 200 day moving average in the past week suggests that the stock market could be changing its behavior after six months of a down trend. The likely trend going forward is up or sideways."

  4. Hell did not break loose on bad Jobs report. Secondly Feds are not through cutting rates yet, till housing and economy is bubbling with laughter. They have been doing this for last 80 years in case you are new to this game.
  5. very interesting...what website is this from?
  6. romik


    I tell you what I believe, I believe in my own research, so should you. You keep posting quotes of what others have said, enough already.
  7. A great trader once told me you should not let news or fundamentals give you a bias. Especially when daytrading.

  8. Bravo!!! A wise trader.
  9. Now this lady is the real thing :cool:

  10. dinoman


    Markets do bounce and some stocks continue to go up. It is still a bear market, but we do have potential for more upside.
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