Bullsh*t jobs ("work from home") shouldn't be included in the unemployment report!

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  1. All bullsh*t jobs that DON't pay the bills, shouldn't be included as "jobs"

    This includes most daytraders, LOL!
  2. Crgarcia.........sigh......Is it the time of the day where you feel compelled to start another thread about the evils and pitfalls of daytrading and why we shouldn't trade at all?

    Rhetorical, I don't think you need to respond.
  3. Well, there are so many freelancers out there and most of them don't work anymore and they just really work from home.
  4. it is the (internet 2.0) economy, stupid.
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    You do realize that baseless skepticism of a subject where the accuser provides absolutely no actual facts or evidence to back up what they say only increases my enthusiasm for the idea right?

    It reminds me of when people were warning about the stock market crash. The same morons all parroting each other to try and make it seem like it wasn't going to happen.
  6. Do they count self-employed people working from home as employed? What about the soccer moms selling avon to her other soccer mom friends? What about the people selling vitamins from home to their friends and family. Are they counted? I don't think they should be. Someone working from home making $50/week selling these products should not be counted as employed, but to make the unemployment numbers lower, I am pretty sure that they do count them.
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    For the household survey (which determines the unemployment rate) if you have done any amount of work, for any amount of pay (or profit), you are employed. So yes, the soccer mom who makes $50 a week is employed. Also, if you are self employed, or spend at least 15 hours working at a family business, you are considered employed regardless of whether you earn any pay or profit.
  8. And so they should be. How else can you compile these statistics? Should they put a limit on how much you need to make per year to be considered employed? A person working full time at McDonalds only makes say $25,000/year. That isn't very much money; I don't think they should be included as being employed... The guy down the road from me only makes $30,000 a year doing lawn maintenance. $30,000 isn't very much money, so we shouldn't count him as being employed....

    If you have a job, you're employed. Regardless whether you work from home or an office building; if you make $90,000/year or $20,000/year.
  9. They should count people as employed if they work full-time for a company on a salary, wage, or commission, regardless of how much they earn. They should not count part-timers. If they are self-employed, they should count them if they earn at least $25,000/year or more.
  10. Your ideas would then overstate the unemployment rate as opposed to understating it as many believe.
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