bulls took the bears best shot and now back up

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    think about whats happened in the world the last 2-4 months. banks and brokers in trouble everywere. oil $100 to $850 gold. earnings growth is now negative. the fear is so great that the 10 year is near 4% as all rush to safety. the $ is on its death bed. AND WE HAVE A MARKET STILL NEAR ITS ALL TIME HIGHS. and this is after a 5 year bull market. its nothing less than a miracle the dows not under 10k.
  2. Don't blink.

  3. You have no comprehension of valuation! At 10k it would be a steal.

  4. I agree at dow 5k I will back the truck up. Hell I might even rent a few 18 wheelers. :cool: :cool:
  5. None of this matters because the market is forward-looking. Everyone knows everything you mentioned already; the debate is whether things will get better or worse from here.
  6. Since when are markets rational?
  7. I thought for sure this was a Stktrdr post based on the title...
  8. It's one of his new aliases

    And don't be fooled by the 200 posts. I heard that ET is now issuing memberships like banks do checks. Number of posts can start at any number you like: 100, 200, 1000...
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    keep dreaming...as much as id like to see the dow tank, it isnt going to happen with the current level of money supply growth around the globe.
  10. lol the dow isnt going to 10K

    buy now or sit on the sidelines

    The key to a rising makret is growth, and strong fundamentals, which are in abundance.
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