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  1. Could you tell us the type of expressions you typically hear from bulls? Here some I have heard or read about over the last year or so.

    1. The world is flush with cash (My comment: few days later it became the credit crunch).
    2. This bull has legs.
    3. Long term, the market is up.
    4. This time is different.
    5. No recession because we are in a new economy.
    6. The fed and ben are on our side.
    7. I am a long term holder (my comment:bagholders are also long term holders).
    8. We are in a long term bull market that started since 1982.
    9. I am bullish till we hit the bottom :)

    Pls. give the other expressions you like.

    10: "The bull market that began on October 2002 isn't over"--stocktrad3r
  2. just read all of hedgefundtrader2's posts and threads (caution; you may want to shoot yourself in the brain afterwards)
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    My favorite term:

    risk free trading.
  4. or stocktrad3r
  5. Sure. Every bagholder has it as his favorite term.
    Just joking ET fellow.

    PS: how did you manage to have only 4 posts since 2005?
  6. I saw that he is one kind of a bull. They should be paid by mutual funds as they are doing good job for them here on ET. If I were one of the those, I would seriously contact the buy side and ask for financial support for my work on ET.

    But stocktrad3r may just playing a game. He may be doing the market on both side, and he may use ET as his bullish/bearish indicator.
  7. My own is:

    The bull market that began on October 2002 isn't over.
  8. I added it in the top 10 in original post. Re-read my original post. You are quoted.
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    Let's just say I do a lot of reading, and not a lost of posting. That, and I lost my username/pw for awhile, and I changed browsers. I started using my old browser again, and it remembered my username and pw. Voila!

  10. You forgot the expression " Bulls are pushing long white candles up the a--- of bears and shorts" Was that deliberate on your part?
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