Bulls should be relieved that this is not the beginning of a bear market!

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    Everyone can sit back and relax, goldman sachs asset management chairman jim o'neill said that he doesnt believe this is the beginning of a new bear market. I mean why would he even mention just a little tiny chance of this being a bear market, well because he is the asset management chairman and when in that position you have to be bullish 100% of the time, even in a bear market you still have to say its a bull market, hahaha! Well I am going to take it another step and say this is a bear market, has been for the last few years.

    Not Beginning of a Bear Market: Goldman's O'Neill
    CNBC.com | August 23, 2011 | 11:33 AM EDT

    Despite the "current paranoid environment" on Wall Street, "I don’t believe this is the beginning of a new bear market," Goldman Sachs Asset Management Chairman Jim O'Neill told CNBC Tuesday.

    "If you look where markets are right today, even though it’s been very choppy and it felt like last week was another really bad week, we are still above the levels on the [Standard & Poor's 500], for example, from before the [Federal Open Market Committee] meeting a week or so ago back," he said.

    O'Neill said Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has sent a clear message the central bank will do more if need be to help the economy. He called the Fed's commitment to keeping interest rates low until mid-2013 a "very powerful" message.

    However, O'Neill does not think Bernanke will announce another round of quantitative easing during this week's annual meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyo.

    He said he's concerned about the current investor rush to low-yielding bonds.

    "What you do not want to have happen is lots of business and financial investors permanently embracing a low-yield, long-term environment," he said.

    Putting last week's dismal Philadelphia Fed survey data aside, O'Neill sees "a lot of indicators suggesting we’re due for further recovery here," including improvement in retail sales. He said the Philly Fed data might have "been affected by so much of the nonsense going on in Washington" in the weeks leading up to the U.S. debt ceiling agreement between Congress and President Obama.
  2. Unfortunately long term charts guarantee that the March 2009 lows will be breached.

    Natural market forces cannot be stopped - market intervention only delays the inevitable.

  3. That means he missed shorting it at the last top, and wants it to rally so he can short it at a lower risk. It seems that average joe was ahead of the dogs.

    I will be watching for the price if it goes to 200MA.

    I want to sell to Jim O'Noil some OTM calls once price at 200MA or above, but my guess is that the asshole would be shorting shares or buying puts.