Bulls: She Is Rolling Down Since Yesterday: Why Are You Still In?

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  1. I am always amazed to see people buying when market is rolling down. Bulls (those of today and of the last couple of trading sessions): who is going to save you when she rolls down and accelerates the rolling?
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    bernanke !!!

    (i'm not a bull tho)
  3. Waw: a lot of readers and not a single soul was courageous enough to cast an opinion. To those of you who are long now or on the sideline, but who deep inside know that she would roll down, but are afraid to short ir, maybe because you heard things such as it is dangerous to short and that the maximum you can make on a short is 100%. I am telling you that they are lying to you or that they do not know themselves. For instance did you know that you can make more than 100% shorting the market. The sharks here most likely know the answer, but for those of you who believe what is in books, or what is said on CNBC, do not believe all what is written and said. After all, you pay your losses not them!

    PS: Empee posted while I wrote the above comment. Empee is courageous,and his answer is original. Heli. Ben.
  4. The dow is only 150 points off a recent high

    hardly a selloff
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    I see an awful lot of bearish talk but not much selling during the last week or so.
  6. On 4/1 there was an up move of almost 60 pts. The market has gone even higher since and has not closed below the close of 4/1.

    At this point ((1:50 EST) the closing price is below 4/1 close but barely and we won't know for a couple of hours what the final close will be. We, the 'Bulls', are getting in for the next big move up. Look for 1420 to be hit before this week is out.
  7. That is because they see some green on their account. Once it starts turning to red, you will see what would happen. He who had a little gain will take it, he who has a red will say I get stopped out, and he who has a lot of red by buying today or yesterday, will pray something like "if she just come back up, I will never repeat it". At the bottom they will not take it, and then they will sell everything with the highest loss, and say this is gambling or the game is rigged, and something like that. You see even if they were to call the top, people will not get off the train.
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    S&P needs to go down to 1340-1345 area to gain momentum and break through 1400.

    I am saying down is good in this situation.
  9. Bernanke to his boys at GS:

    T-minus 4 minutes and counting. Go short $1,000,000,000 USD.. starting right.. Wait.. waittttt...
  10. I thnk you're right. Hopefully I'll my ES 1400 Calls at the price I want before the move up.
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