Bulls or Brains? The Truth

Discussion in 'Trading' started by timvodas, Aug 28, 2007.

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    Many "traders" on message boards such as these feel that they are now "experts" on the financial markets and somehow above every person out there. The truth of the matter is that this collective band of experts was nothing more then lucky at trading through a trend on the way up.

    It never fails that when the general public believes the stock market is the cure for all ills then we see big collapses and 30+% retreats. I remember seeing the tow-truck driver on commercials in the late 90s talk about buying islands from his daytrading ways. Then we saw the bubble pop shortly after those commercials aired.

    Its true that a trader can make money shorting the markets. So why then did the last bunch of collective experts on ET in the late 90s go broke riding the wave down? The truth is that most of these experts were simply nit-wits and only thought the market could go one way, up.

    As time unfolds, the collective band of experts on ET will be found to be nothing more then brainless bulls who did not know the truth.

    I wonder on this second go round will we hear yet more stories of how the collective band lost 6 figures or more with their daytrading ways.

    We shall see. Now lets hear from the peanut gallery of ET. Its your turn.
  2. It says you registered this month and only have 2 posts. What would you possibly know about any of the 'ET experts' if you have only been here a few weeks? The mods need to crack down on these dup accounts. No wonder ET has 70,000 members. 90% are probably dup accounts.
  3. He may of only joined recently but he sure as hell knows all about your type. You know, the ones with an account balance of $0 who go around saying BUY BUY BUY.
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    there is some truth to what timmy says despite the tone
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    "there is some truth to what timmy says despite the tone"

    OK, its true!

    Now what does that have to do with anything and why should it bother anyone?

    I would like to think that those that are successful do not care if another talks about being successful and also does not wish that person to fail.

    If on presentation I find that a person is using brains, I will try to learn from that person. If it is luck, I might try to point out possible problems with the presentation but I still wish the trader well and I do not look for the downfall just to say I told you so.

    It seems that too many on message boards (this and others) IMHO feel that the only way to make themselves feel good is to tear someone else down or revel in their failures. Sad.