Bulls have the definitie edge over the next 6 months

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  1. You indicated that you will only be selling at a loss based on your sentiment indicators instead of using a price level.

    Price is OBJECTIVE.
    Interpreting sentiment indicators is SUBJECTIVE.
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  2. I suppose. When I see all of my sentiment indicators saying investors don't believe in this rally and PRICE is at 52 week high's then I feel that is pretty objective. If sentiment was in disbelief of a rally that I didn't believe in then I wouldn't have taken a position so suppose price did play a role being at 52wk high's.
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  4. Hmmmmm...

    A median end-2007 forecast of 1,500 points for the Standard & Poor's 500 index <.SPX>, a gain of 6.4 percent from Friday's close of 1,409.84

    I thought the S&P was up double digits last long while....a forecast of 6.4% for 2007 and noones alarm bells are ringing?

    Stranger thinngs do happen...

    :confused: :confused:
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  5. And today... I took profit

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  6. Wondering how the bears that were mocking me on this thread did.

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    im bearish, been buying the sector etfs on big drops, currently long QLD at 83.75.

    Will sell above 85.
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  8. "end of the year rally, didnt we just rally for the last 5 months.....

    santa clause selllllllllloff should be more like it."

    That is a quote from you a few hundred pts ago in the dow ;) I've made my money.. have fun
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    Then I hope you're packing your bags. Because in February that's what you'll be living out of.
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