Bulls have the definitie edge over the next 6 months

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  1. I bought the S&P futures today and will continue buying if it comes anywhere below my cost basis over the next 3 months. I will sell if I ever have a gain of more than 5% or sell 6 months from now.
  2. Do you always wait for a continuous 5 month rally before you get bullish?
  3. I wait for an opportunity to make money in the market and I feel going long right now, buying dips lower than today and selling at a 5% gain or 6 months from now is a good strategy. I'm in this game to make money... I could care less what has happened in the past.
  4. You are awfully late to the party.

    We are already well into the 5th and final wave of this really phase that started this past Summer. I wouldn't want to be long these markets after the first week of January, let alone if 1439 is reached.

    1439 is the target should the first leg up off the Summer bottom equal this last leg up off the recent 1378.09 low on 11/28.

    Do your homework.
    The end of this rally is staring everyone right in their face!

  5. If not the past, what is the source of data upon which you have based your trade?
  6. all these bullish and bearish notes are scams. these are meant to get responses. all these crazy notes the past few months should be on the chit chat board
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    end of the year rally, didnt we just rally for the last 5 months.....

    santa clause selllllllllloff should be more like it.
  8. You need to learn how to read with a lot more CLARITY.

  9. Very happy to see the bearish sentiment on this board as well.... more fuel to the fire! The S&P will be higher than it is today 6 months from now... I expect all bears to come back in 6 months and explain what happened to their thesis.

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    LOL. Being new to trading, I missed the rally and hope I don't on the next one!!!!
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