Bulls Have Feds On Our Side - What Do You Have?

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    Feds will manipulate the markets and you have seen a clear testimony of the acts this week. First they rolled over Bear and Sterns and than opened a credit facility that no other investment bank gets run over. It was a way to teach Wall Street how to learn to be responsible, but here is a carrot for you dumb ass.

    Than they unleashed a floodgate of money drowning America with cash in a bold and aggressive 3/4 point rate cut. Greenspan never did more than 1/2 points in his dozen years as the head!This was a pure act of zealousness to keep the financial markets as safe harbors for the world investment community.

    Than the FEDS growled we will cut more rates and left the door wide open. God knows what else they will do to keep hooligans out here.

    Its a case of bunch of dirt eating potted Palms facing off with the mighty Feds ...these dirt bags couldn't drag SPX below 1270 ? What do you think these potted palms can whip a revolution in America ? Cowards, sickly cowards...they got nothing on their side.. and they know nothing at all.
  2. We will start to go up and everyone will signal an all clear. A week down the road the market will fall 15-30% on a credit mess reemergence.

    I don't see this ending soon. The Fed is pumping a sick market.
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  5. Please read my post on Technical analysis under " Market Bottom is in '.. posted on March 19, 2008 .
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