Bull's Eye, You hit your target

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  1. I have great news you hit your target today, in fact everyday you hit your target. The question is what is your target?

    When I say target I am not talking about your monetary target in regards to the market, although it could be one of your targets. No, I am talking about targets in the sense of what we create in our days.

    Did you get up this morning and have a fight with your significant other or did you create an atmosphere of respect, sharing and healthy communication? If we agree that before every action is preceded by a thought then … then what? You tell me. What is it for you?
    You fill in the blank. It doesn’t matter what I think, to you it should only matter what you think.

    Well, you might say that I don’t have any targets but in reality you do. Your targets are on autopilot then. Whatever you think about thru the days, weeks and months become your underlying focus. Every thought is a seed and when you keep focusing on that same thought is grows and soon it becomes part of your reality.

    The logical progression from all this is, that thought that you have given so much energy too, at some point becomes so engrained that you don’t even question it, you accept it like you accept gravity. Which can be great, if it gets you to your target, if not then maybe you want to be proactive and start focusing on a different thought (target).

    Its all about responsibility, we create everything in our lives. The main question would then be are you happy about what you created? If you are satisfied with what you have created then go have a cookie break, the rest of you lets explore this a little further

    News flash I just had an Aha moment while writing this, I realized we are all perfect, we always hit the bull’s-eye, we never miss. When you look at it like that, then in reality we never fail, there can be no failure, just results. If you can really open up to what I am saying, if just for a moment, you will feel the weight of your burdens lift from your shoulders and you will experience true freedom and along with that the key to peace in your life.

    Huh! Could we try that in English, o.k? Let do a hypothetical example. There is this trader we will call him Bruce (gulp!) he has been trying to be successful at trading since 1998, in the beginning he got into the markets by trading options (from the grand master Wade Cook) and by gosh he made money, he took $28000.00 and with in a couple of months it was up to $51000.00 Boy this stuff is easy he thought to himself. Needless to say all good things must come to an end, which they did. Basically took it all back down to $28000.00 and for the next several months made money, lost money took money out of the account to live on and was down to $11,000.00 and decided to try an OEX options, to make a short story shorter, within a 3 day period he whittled that down to a couple of grand and retreated in to his cave to lick his wounds.

    Did he hit his target? Did he get a bull’s-eye? YES, DEAD CENTER!

    So now what? What are we supposed to do? Take it one day at a time, one moment at a time, one thought at a time. If you don’t like your results than do something different. Everyday challenge yourself. Practice smiling at everybody you meet today, look them in the eye.

    Go forth my children, you have the power. Just remember life is not a dress rehearsal, at least I don’t think it is.


    Bruce Hawkins

    p.s. Any similarity between the hypothetical trader and the author is purely intentional.
  2. That's some deep stuff, Bruce. Don't come across much like that here on ET, thanks for breathing some new perspective into this place.

    I just finished reading "Trading in the Zone" (Douglas), and found alot of revelation about myself and my trading in that book. He says, as do you, that we get exactly what we are looking for in the markets each day. As a trader of almost four years now, I can see how my self-valuations have determined my results so perfectly.

    The challenge for me now is to change the expectations and beliefs that I have about my life, both as a trader, and in general. Since it is not possible to eliminate a belief, I must find ways of "Moving the energy" from the old, limiting ones, to the new, empowering beliefs. Quite a task, but a necessary one if I am to become a consistently profitable trader.

    Look forward to hearing more from you along these lines. Also, looking forard to the other replies that are sure to follow.
  3. pspr


    So, how did hypothetical trader Bruce make out after adjustiing his mental state?
  4. Yeah, Mark Douglas is the man. You might want to check out Lynn Grabhorn she has a book called "Excuse me your life is waiting for you" I got it on cd, I have listened to it more than 20 times. GOod stuff, I really like it.

    pspr, he is still adjusting his mental state. WHen there is some tangible proof I will post it.