Bulls are quiet today........

Discussion in 'Trading' started by duard, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. duard


    Bulls are quiet today........
  2. empee


    i went long es last nite :(
  3. MERRILL looking for a 5% correction over the next 40 trading days.
  4. Don't worry, when the market bounces they will all be here to tell you about all the "risk free buying" that they did, and that there's "100% up room to go".

    Take it in stride....most of them don't trade.
  5. blast19


    They're too busy buying and getting lines of credit on their houses for this dip buying opp....100% up room to go.

    I'm not in their camp but find them funny...gotta play both sides of the market.
  6. Never ever ever form an opinion about the market or think the market should follow your views, perceptions or beliefs. Do you think these guys care about ya couple thousands that can evaporate in 5 seconds ? Always be on guard and be willing to change direction anytime. You are a double agent, you work for the bulls and the bears :cool:
  7. wow

    NYSE down volume is now 93%!!

    I don't think I've ever seen the down % that high before. This bear may have legs for another couple days.
  8. duard


    Thus far no bounce today. Persistant selling. How 'bout that gap down to trap the bulls.

    Now that's risk free %100 down room to go.

    Anyways. Sentiment has changed. Now it's sell the bounces.....at least for now.
  9. duard


    Anybody buying yet (not daytrading but longterm portfolio positions)?
  10. Yep but very slowly. And SPY put protected.
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