Bulls are backed by Feds- who the hell backs you?

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  1. That is right. The so called PLUNGE PROTECTION TEAM is no secret organization but an inter- mesh of Federal Reserve, Department of Treasury, Securities & Exchange Commission and Futures & Trading committee. Its called PRESIDENT'S WORKING GROUP ON FINANICAIL MARKETS lead by none other than Henry Paul son Treasury Secretary whose signatures you find on your $5 dollar bills. He own the town and your money! The Federal reserves own all the Banks and all the money and gold bullion and the money printing presses!


    Now read the whole article outlining what they have aimed to do. It is obvious these teams are guarding US financial markets like hawks and its in their interest to make them smooth, stable, safe and prosper. If some interests or shorts and sellers get out of line and started pushing them, they will step in and stop it. That's why you see SPX never crashed on several occasions when the shorts and doom & gloom club stated pushing it below 1272 levels and it stopped on the dime. The Feds immediately start buying futures and started soaring SPX cash and use other tactics with vast resources. Those who think they can outwit the Feds are basically uninformed and know nothing.

    This is not your Casino, instead of being owned by the mob, its owned by a bigger organization called the US government. Its the Feds who back the bulls and manipulates markets higher. If you think US markets operate in some kind of free for all wrestling match, think again. You are only allowed to place your bets and get out. Trying to screw with them its like trying to pick a fight with US army and US Air Force guarding our homeland. Get yourself some perspective, there are no free markets, just just a joke told to naives and idiots and fools.

    I wholeheartedly support our Feds and may they push our markets higher in coming months. They have done a good job pushing SPX above rising 50 day moving average and once we clear 1400 levels we can be bullish again for the balance of the year. The market is going higher with or without a recession and doom and gloom club has limited options.

    Bulls are backed by Feds- who the hell backs you? It must be your short selling , day scalping, under capitalized, gambling addicts?
  2. FED is now called the Bubble Protection Team (BPT).
  3. To answer your question.....I would be embarrassed if I needed someone to step in and "save me".
  4. If the fed is gonna constantly bail out the markets why not take advantage of it and go long instead of complaining?
  5. You dont need help, you are standing by, ready to deliver blows to the tummy and destroy anything in your path in your hopelessness and gloom.

    Lesson #1 Donot fight the tape, go long make money like everybody else.

  6. PLUNGE PROTECTION TEAM aka PRESIDENTS WORKING GROUP FOR FINANCIAL MARKETS is standing over the bean counter and should anyone misbehave and strangle the markets, they will step in and oust the intruder from the Casino.

    You can play the game they want you to play: GO LONG
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    Bulls are backed by Feds- who the hell backs you?

    Ans: GE

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  8. Their’s to much foreign capital in our markets. The US government and its huge debt burden are in a very bad situation.

    That’s what happens when you borrow too much. And live beyond your means. Their will be a price to pay.

    The US does not run the world.
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    "Bulls are backed by Feds- who the hell backs you?"

    Mr. Reality
  10. Hey Skippy - I will tell you who "backs" me!!!

    Massive financial global entities that trash markets and economies and they have been doing it for hundreds of years. Pay attention to their moves or you will get pummeled my friend - this market and financial derivatives "take-down" is by design. You should have been playing the short side by late last year - there were PLENTY of signs, but you had to take your bull mask off to see them!

    ***Mortgages blowing out (the typical over extended consumers slush fund)

    ***Real Estate sector downtrending

    ***Mortgage backed securities blowing out

    ***Oil breaking to new highs (very inflationary in real world terms - ask any trucker)

    ***Dollar dropping additionally in value

    ***Gold and other commodities all trending up and making new multi-year highs

    ***Government spending money like there is no tomorrow (draining the tax payers wealth and adding liabilities)

    ***Fed OBVIOUSLY slow to react as to make sure all the "over-extended" get decoupled from their holdings

    I mean what the hell more did you need, an illegal Chenney approved government torture session to wake your ass up - get real people and PAY ATTENTION to the con job of the economic world around you!!! Assets and holdings get sucker punched all the time, in historical moves to aid the transfer of wealth from those who were over-extended to those who have the wealth (and at penny's on the dollar - what a bargain!!!).

    Read your history books - what did Rothschild do to England's markets during the Napoleonic wars? Mr Rothschild knowing Napoleon had just LOST the war, purposely mislead the English public and had it reported Napoleon had won. As all stock values plummeted to below 10% of original value, he stepped in and bought everything. Of course within a very short time the actual news of Napoleons defeat was reveled.

    There will ALWAYS be manipulated activities in the worlds markets so you have to EXPECT it - trade what you SEE, not what you FEEL!!!
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