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    It's called Bulls and Bears . It's about trading futures and the Sydney exchange. Took place in the late 90's I believe.

    I'm looking for the full version to purchase or find.


    Here is a promo clip from it

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  2. Pekelo


    Probably by contacting the guy who uploaded the promo, because he is the director of the documentary:

    Bulls and Bears
    Director Steve Best
    52 minute FFC /ABC Accord Documentary. 1998


    Bulls & Bears promo clip.mov
  3. I can't find it. Looked on a bunch of sites too...
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    Yeah I left a comment on the youtube page asking where I can get the full video but no reply yet.... The guy in the video reminds me of myself when my internet goes down, I got a laugh out of it
  5. blox87, Did you ever have any luck finding this for sale? I'd be interested in buying a copy also.

    Here's an article I found written a couple of years before this was made. It gives a little more background on the trader profiled, John "Rambo" Moulton as well as other traders who setup shop iat overseas exchanges.

    Not-so-innocents abroad.

  6. This doco was actually on the ABC a couple of years ago. I watched it.

    It was pretty funny because that Rambo guy was living in Port Douglas, trading 18,000 interest rate futures contracts a day and his dial up modem kept dropping out.

    From memory his was trading spreads on the longer term and shorter term contracts. I'm not sure if he was good or just plain mad.

    i haven't heard of him since so I'm assuming he went broke.

  7. TRS


    Yes, have seen this doco twice on the ABC so could be worth chasing up.
    John 'Rambo' moulton definitely pushed some volume. I thought he was involved in the ownership of a Futures brokerage firm before consolidation in the industry set in.
    Was funny him standing in a towel in the rain looking at bits of phone wire at all angles bagging Telstra, then finally taking line out of fax and putting into little laptop and hearing dial up modem.
  8. Pekelo


    Here is his house:


    Port Douglas House

    Futures trader, John Moulton, lives in a very stylish and contemporary home, where the boundaries between indoors and outdoors are blurred and where water is a strong design element. The tropical gardens are reminiscent of rainforests edging onto a river, in this case, a man-made stream surrounding the house. The property, at Port Douglas in Far North Queensland, has magnificent views to the Coral Sea.


    The article was from 2004, so he must have been doing OK at least up to that time...
  9. I read on another forum that at one time that he lost 3.5 million in a week but came back later and made it all back and then some. He supposedly bought a golf course to celebrate his comeback. I like this guy's style!

    There is also an article out there about a new house he had built. His house in the documentary was definitely a shithole but this new house he commissioned it supposedly very sweet. It won some home design award or something. I think he kept at least enough of his money to live well. That is worth a lot in this business.

  10. TRS


    Thanks Pekelo and Brocklanders for the link.
    My understanding is he lost 3.5m in the 97 Asian crisis and we're talking about his 04 home, so think he came through it.
    In the documentary he was going to have par 6 on his golf course :D
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