Bullish sign? SUV sales increasing

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    Bullish ? NOT! probably bcuz there are so many SUVs in inventory that ppl are finding some really good deals. But with accelerating job loss still loomng on this economy, how could anybody see a bullish sign?......
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    Sometimes I wonder if we Americans collectively have any memory at all.
  3. I laugh at people driving SUV with only 2 wheel drive. I need awd vehicle just to get off my driveway after a snow storm.
  4. We went from the greatest generation willing to sacrafice for the good of a nation.

    To the dumbest generation in the span of a few decades. How the heck did this happen.

    I see this as a potential bullish sign. I would go long on the oil companies again (XOM,BP,CVX)

    "Press says the company's full-size Dodge Durango SUV is in the shortest supply among all the vehicles sold by Chrysler. Yet the automaker decided last year when gas prices were high to phase out the product out of fear buyers would shun it."

  5. Just shows the stupidity of the average American
  6. I laugh when I see people driving 4WD where I live. Higher initial cost, increased fuel consumption, more expensive to maintain, and they'll never see the snow or off road use.
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    Oil companies like CVX and XOM are going to fall at least 25-30% over the next 2-3 months. I don't think rising SUV sales is a bullish sign of anything to come, all the 0% financing and huge discounts are helping sales. XOM price target $55-$65 over the next 2 months.
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  9. Oil prices were never that high. Oil should be 100 at least and gas at $4/gallon.
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