Bullish set up in Nikkei 225

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by jrs3, Mar 27, 2004.

  1. jrs3


    Looks good to go!
  2. ccasadei



    I'm looking at trading after 5-6pm and was thinking about trading the Nikkei... can you give me your opinion on it?

    - Brokers - who do I need?
    - Is there a tracking stock similar to QQQ that offers high liquidity? Or, what are the most viable trading elements?
    - What about taxes?
    - Any links I can go to learn about the subject?
    - Should I not trade the Nikkei?

  3. wdscott



    Sometimes Head & Shoulders patterns fail. Or simply continue the previous trend, rather than portend a reversal . The Head & Shoulders pattern is best analyzed when combined with volume analysis to better understand its implications.

    Volume plays a crucial role in identifying and completing an inverse Head & shoulders pattern. Break from the neckline should be on higher volume than the left side of the pattern, with a retest back to neckline highly probable.

    The chart does look good, jrs3. Can you post one with volume as well :) :) :)

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    Dave Scott