Bullish on CIEN

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Lancer, Jul 31, 2001.

  1. Lancer


    Well, there isn't really a category for this but . . .

    Looking for some discussion on CIEN today, I checked around and ended up linked to the Yahoo! finance message boards. Didn't expect to find anything there, but I did come up with this little gem. This stock trading Yahoo! member is bullish on CIEN. Enjoy.

  2. Hoyler



    You da man,,,, lol

  3. Lancer,

    I'll go long on that one!:D

  4. janko


    Yeah no shorties on this one!!!
  5. dozu888


    Can't you guys read??

    She already indicated that she realy enjoy shorting :))
  6. Lancer


    If you can't read the foreign-language quotation next to the 05 picture, I'll translate:

    "I'm 20 and some hot-mamma sitting in my Jag; I enlighten grandpa on the upstairs landing in a small barn."

  7. I'm interested in reading her tape and giving her my best
    execution as long as she gives me support and offers no resistance.
  8. careful trader88, commissions are a bitch.. =)