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  1. The fact that the major news channels have been blaring the stupid OJ story habitually this weekend is a very bullish indicator. What it means is that there are no serious probems affecting americicans and thus no uncertaintly about the ecojnomy.

    Sure people talk about rising gas prices, iraq, rising oil, terrorisim, housing problems, mortages and such but f it were really a BIG deal those stories would be on the major media channels, but they aren't.

    If there were actually serious problems that could cause a selloff we would be hearing about it on TV.

    No one cares about terror, oil, gas, housing, motages, inflation or any of that stuff cause it isn't a big deal.

    The market will end new week at close to 52 week highs. The fed will cut, and the market will surge.

    Bullishness will resume in earnest. Massive buy orders.

    Turn off Cramer. He is a tard and doesn't know anything about how the markets work.

    Neither do the fast money losers. All five of them including the bald dude, the guy with the funny facial hair, the fugly woman, the curly hair guy, and some other person all of them but together.

    Barrons is crap and so is IBD. Street.com and motley fool all garbage. WSJ crap as well.
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    Complacency is bearish... Fear is bullish...
  3. That's like saying the bird flu is gone. You have not heard that mentioned in a long time. Go google it on google news, it is now as widespread as ever globally. Still a ticking time-bomb, but media absence make one think it doesn't exist anymore.

  4. You are clearly smarter than all of them. And better looking as well as taller. Can I send you money please? Post your name and address.....
  5. So your saying, the "americican" -"ecojnomy" is bullish, huh?:p
  6. buy the arrest, sell the acquittal.
  7. I actually do believe that I know more about the markets and the trends than all off CNBC put together.
  8. Name and address please.
  9. boring day
  10. great rally so far
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