Bullish at a Time of Extreme Panic (Larry Williams)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Zor_Champ, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. Zor_Champ


    Larry Williams thinks we've bottomed out.
    Do you?

  2. RedDuke


    He knows shit.
  3. Overnight


    Does he have any real money in the market? If he does, maybe. If he's just an analyst, then he knows nothing and should be ignored.
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  4. Here4money


    just lobbyists by a different name hoping people jump under the falling knife to slow it down.
  5. S2007S


    Soooo just 3 weeks to bottom out after a 10 year old bull market? Wow....
  6. qlai


    Why? He is well respected and have been around forever?
  7. zghorner


    haha, Thanks a bunch Larry but im good bud...
  8. trdes


    Sure, only this isn't panic selling this is very intentional and consistent selling because of a multitude of factors with not enough exits for everyone.
  9. RedDuke


    Because no on apart from HFT and insider info traders knows anything. We all know shit, and once a trader realizes it, trading plan can be deployed.

    Dalio's "cash is trash" is a perfect example, and they are now more than 20 percent down. And this is a guy who manages world largest hedge fund - 160 billion AUM.
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  10. i think he took buffets advice a bit to....i da know.....literal?
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