Bullfight, no for the faint of heart

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    <img src="http://i.huffpost.com/gen/168355/JULIO-APARICIO-GORED.jpg" />
  2. Good for the bull. Too bad it didnt gore that savage right into the cranium.
  3. +1 for the bull. A "sport" that should have been outlawed long ago. Fans got their monies worth though. It's what they pay to see.
  4. That looks like how the market is doing a number on me .
  5. Here's another win for the bull.

  6. Arnie



    Wis orn takes like thit!
  7. Holy crap, did he die?
    I thought initially it was the bulls horn through the lower palate coming out the mouth, and.......I think I was right the first time, that was not his tongue, no?

    Well, do stupid shit and you will wear it sooner or later.
  8. It's the same as watching NASCAR, or Indy, you are waiting for the the big wipeout or goring. I mean really, what the hell is so exciting about a guy waving a cape at a bull, or driving around in circles? Why do you think NASCAR let's those idiots spin each other? Because they know someone will wipeout and provide the crowd the fix they need. At least road racing, F1 and the motorcyles do more than turn one way for a couple hours. Geez, catch the TT races on the Isle of Mann. Driving 160-180 mph on regular streets with flag stone walls on one side, shops on the other, or drop offs to no where on 2 wheels. Now that is exciting.
  9. Looks like a hugs adrenaline rush.. however the sight of a bloody bull is pitiful..:(
  10. A "hugs" adrenaline rush? I guess if he lived, he's gonna need some of those.

    Hard to tell from the footage, I guess if it had gone through the lung/sternum he would not have staggered out of there, but damn. Oh wait, he did collapse, but I mean damn.

    But yeah, its stupid. Up there with bear baiting, dog fights, steeplechase etc.

    I don't have an issue with hunting, I just figure if your going to kill something to eat it, do it quickly, humanely.
    If your going to put on a show, make sure its only stupid humans hurting each other, you know.
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