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    This question is for traders who use bullets. How often do you use them, and what percentage your shorts would you have missed if not for the bullet? Any other information, experiences or tips welcome.

  2. We use bullets quite a bit, and of course must use bullets on any stocks we don't have conversions on. Gotta trade both sides of the market.
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    What exactly are bullets? Never heard of them before. :confused:
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    In the upper right of your screen click Search, and type in "bullets". You'll find enough material and discussions on the subject to last you for a month. Good reading... :)
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    Trade liquid NASDAQ stocks, and you will have no need for bullets.
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    The important distinction to make is the relation of stock positions and synthetic stock positions using options.

    Bullets and Conversions are but a few of those., and are favorites of stock traders to get around the "silly" uptick rule. When Single Stock Futures (SSF's) arrive, and if they have the volume I spect them to have, either the uptick rule will be dissolved, or SSF's will get an even greater proportion of the volume.

  7. When will the SSFs arrive?
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    They have been delayed for one reason or another.

    I believe April is the current target date.

  10. Since I never use Bullets, that may disqualify me from answering :)

    Remember that these special products often are "pushed" by the pro firms who make money selling them to you. I'm sure there are cases where a bullet would make a short easier to get off, but I have rarely had any problems shorting NYSE stocks. I suggest that you focus on trading, plain and simple, and learn to live with the small limitations such as the up-tick rule. I doubt that your success depends on having bullets or not.
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