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  1. anyone have experience autotrading with this firm? their low barrier to entry and ease of use seems appealing. any info?

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    I believe it is just a white label of www.collective2.com. I guess Bulldog is an IB so it can share in the commission rebates.
  3. Well, their "Mission" is to "deliver fully automated trading of Collective2 systems to Forex traders while minimizing slippage." So far, so good. Yet they are an IB for FXCM... an awful choice for autotrading C2 while minimizing slippage. What was the guy thinking?!

    If you want to use bulldogfx, you have no choice but to open and fund an account with FXCM, then keep on paying an extra pip to bulldogfx for the privilege. You have to question their entire judgment, and their business model. Far better solutions for autotrading C2 are available.

    Incidentally, they are not registered with the NFA / CFTC, as an IB or otherwise. They happen to be based in our of my favorite cities, Montreal... hey, that's about the best thing I can say.
  4. Late_apex,

    I have to agree completely with you

    Better set-up is www.fx-auto.com