Bull vs bears or Bulls vs Bulls??

Discussion in 'Trading' started by S2007S, Dec 19, 2006.

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    If anyone missed Bull vs Bears on Fox on saturday with Peter Schiff you have to check out how they team up 5 against 1. I agree more with Peter Schiff than all of those 5 bulls combined. The show should be called Bulls vs Bulls.

  2. Thanks for the link.

    I haven't watched that show in years (now I remember why). Tobin Smith is a handjob. Him and the rest of the mooks were mega bulls all through the tech wreck.

    I laughed when Peter said, "You sound like the same guys who said the Nasdaq was bottoming when it hit 4000". Tobin looked like a deer in headlights. Classic. :D

  3. A bunch of laughing bulls swing from the chandlers, a nasty correction must be near.
  4. Bulls and bears bulls and bears
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    Im reposting this, its from a year ago, as I said in my post I agreed with Peter Schiff on that segment the day I watched it and look back now and it seems he is 100% right. Take about 5 minutes just to watch it and see how they laugh at his opinion. Truly amazing...wonder who is right now....
  6. Incredible..I remember watching this when it was originally broadcast.
    The only problem is he was a year early.
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    Same here, I have been listeneing to peter schiff since 2006....I did see that show that day and thought to myself how can anyone not be at least agreeing with him a little. If you listen before the segment they mention that many see an upturn in 2007 in the housing industry yet here we are in 2008 and no signs of a bottom.
  8. No surprise here:

    "Peter Schiff has heavily endorsed Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul[6] and started an e-mail campaign[7] asking his clients and colleagues to donate the legal maximum of $2,300 to the Ron Paul presidential campaign."