Bull Trade Picks 10-17-2011

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by spiritearth, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. Here are my picks for knockout stocks this week. Tell me what you think!

    1) AAPL - Guaranteed to go up 4-5% to 440-450, enough said. Downside: can't hold onto it safely if you buy at 422-430 when market opens.
    Short term!

    2) BIDU - Will easily hit 150+ before earnings on the 27th. Easily. Good way to get a quick 10% profit in 2 weeks if you can handle the roller coaster ride. Burns shorts like lava, it's a beast after GOOG released earnings.

    3) MCD - Going up! Who doesn't love a Bic Mac?!
    Long term!

    4) KO - You really can't go wrong with this company. Coca-cola for me!
    Long term!

    5) EMC - Looking to hit 27 a share if earnings are good on Tuesday!
    Not a volatile stock. Less to lose, but less to gain. Same with KO. Could make 5-8% profit this week, but it all depends on earnings.
    Short/Long term

    I still am on the fence about GLW, CHD, CELG, and CVX. These seems like decent stocks too. Thoughts?

    I have a question, though. If you were to pick one stock, just ONE, to buy next week short term, what would it be? I'm thinking BIDU.
    Thanks and God bless!