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    I have just ran into this. This was the first original drama series for TNT. I am trying to find a copy...

    Anybody saw this 11 years ago???


    Short synopsis

    Bull is a series consisting of two production seasons (latter currently unaired in the U.S.) which first aired in the U.S. on August 2000 on TNT. The series did not enjoy too much of success and the cancellation was blamed on the stock market activity in 2001 - or at least the lack of it.
    The series revolved around Wall Street, and a bunch of young stock brokers who join forces in creating of a new investment firm, HSD-Capital. The series main characters - partners in the HSD-Capital - are Robert "Ditto" Roberts III, Marissa Rufo, Corey Granville, Alison Jeffers and Martin Decker. Carson Boyd is also one of the series' main characters, although not a partner, and he is called "The Rook".

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  2. HULU has a couple of trailers entitled Bull. Shows a couple of guys in suits.:confused:
  3. At that time, (the top of the DotCom Bubble), there was another show called "The Street" that seemed to have a similar storyline, similar prototypical characters and similar timing with its launch. It did make for a great long-term sell-signal. :cool:
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    That is a different film, a dark comedy:

    (2008) NR

    Confronted by his boss about his lackluster job performance, mild-mannered stockbroker Charlie (Craig Lauzon) agrees to earn his keep by doing some ill-defined work for the powerful and mysterious Roland Gow (Maury Chaykin). Before long, Charlie descends into a twisted world of intrigue, duplicity and murder from which he might never escape. Kent Tessman directs this dark comedy that co-stars Simon Reynolds.