bull run 2007--- any interest??

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by marketsurfer, May 10, 2006.

  1. i will be participating in the 2007 bullrun rally race from NYC to LA in July of 2007. it's 7 days with overnights at the top US hotels and parties the entire way. i am in need of a co-driver/cameraman--- my friends think i am too old and its too crazy to participate--hence this post. i will supply vehicle, video equipment, etc---- the cost is $14000.00 USD, which i will split with the co-driver/video person 7K each. if this works out, i may do the round the world gumball3000 in 2008 or 2009 which is the "mother" of all road rallies/races. it's all out with vehicles being flown on cargo planes continent to continent..... looking at the bullrun as a "test" event for the gumball--- will video document everything.... similar to the "tangospeed" site below....






  2. Wife bought a Cayenne Turbo, so I considered it for a while. I was under the impression it was a Wall Street thing with lots of willing ass... Hayden Christensen doesn't really do it for me, and the cars entered are World-class.

    If someone wants to lend a Koenigsegg I would reconsider. :p

    Hope you find someone to join ya Surfer.

  3. thanks, risk. only potential co-pilots who have emerged are wuzes with no capital to contribute or people who i would not want to be in a car with for 7 days.......

    the cayenne would make a great chase car..... like you said, i may need it !

  4. lol, I truly hope you go and document it. I was initially under the impression it was a sedate cross-country bar-hop; hence "bull" run. Run that Star Wars kid into the shoulder -- worst actor in the history of bad acting.

  5. LOL ! yeah, video will be installed in front and rear of car plus, if i can find one, co-pilot will be running tape and stills. man, i really dont want to do this with my wife, although she really wants to....... :D
  6. The most brutally truthful words ever printed on ET.

    That kid is a walking train wreck in front of the camera. Whoever cast him as young Darth Vader should be shot (or worse, they should be forced to read all 11262 of ZZZzzzzzzz's posts).
  7. surfer!
    Your wife will kill you if she heard what you just said. anyway doing the gumball is crazy end up in a turkish prison or dead. Don't do it!
  8. race starts NYC on july 22--9AM t. i am not participating this year, but will be at the launch to eyeball everything in preparation for 2007. those who expressed interest in joining me in 2007--thanks for your interest---- the co-pilot has been chosen.