BULL Raid?

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  1. You know in retrospect those hedge funds- and you know who you are- that were really pushing the subprime story and timing those 2:00 Raids on the market... those guys made some enemies from other hedge funds who panicked and sold. Everyone knows everyone elses position and several of these " alarmist " short sellers are stuck in put positions....

    So as little guys trying to stay ahead in this market, we have to ask ourselves shall we let the market drift back, give back half it's gains and allow these guys to unwind their shorts gracefully?...

    Or is PAYBACK A BITCH! My thought process is something fundamental has changed in our market- the scared to hold through the weekend crowd. Well they are more inclined to buy and hold now. That's the mutual funds. The big money. NOW THE DANGER might be missing another slew of buyouts on Monday.
    This lethal combination of angry Bulls and Buy and Holders willing to commit could lead to a very, very ugly end to the week (if your short)
  2. Well let's see if Dudley Doolittle and his merry raiders get the job done today. Amgen is not going to help.
    Go "Dudley Doolittle" tigers!
  3. Tic, Tic, Tic 3:10

    In my view just being up today is a victory. At least we can say so and so consecutive up days

    Up 22 now the raid should come in 15 minutes probably close up 45 and Naz 9...
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    dow will close above 12500 and nasdaq 2460

    5 straight rallies for the DOW!!!!!!!!

    should continue next week too for window dressing.
  5. DOW 34 NAZ 8 Hummmmm.
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    nothing like a market that goes higher on a Friday afternoon...
  7. The spring summer is a horrible time to be long markets. Wall Street is interested in year end bonuses and its a long year. There isn't a lot of incentive to keep the market going until the fall.
  8. SHorts don;t want to hold over weekend cause those Asian futures have a tendency to pop on sunday..:cool:
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    trading in DDM for TWM next week, thats if the russel makes its climb to 825-830+
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    aside from the dow the nasdaq has just been weak the last 2 days.
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